Download ROMs PSX for PSP

PSP ISO Torrents

PSP ISO Torrents

Lately my favorite thing to do is to download roms psx for psp. Some of my friends don’t know how to spell correctly so they search for rooms psx psp and are surprised that they cant find anything, so lets set this staright thre is no room for OO in PSP ROMs 🙂 What I was downloading last was PlayStation 1 Resident Evil 1 rom that you can get a torrent link for on this site. If you haven’t plaid it already for a hundred times I would suggest the classics like Final Fantasy Vii rom for psp and the immortal Diablo psx iso. Can try to emulate psp iso files on a PC with PSP emulator or play it on the real PlayStation Portable with a m33 firmware and a big enough memory stick.

PSX eBoot Creator Tool



If you already have a PSX ISO of the game you want to play there is no reason to waste bandwith and download a PSXpxp iso eboot from a torrent. Instead you can usPSX eBoot Creator Tool and convert the PlayStation 1 iso you have into an eBOOT file that PlayStation Portable can play!

Full instructions fore PSX Boot Creator Tool < here


If you are looking for Full version PSP game backups I suggest > PSP Download Center <


PSX rom / PSP iso news

Just found two new interesting sites. the first one is and it is main focus is on the PlayStation 1, PS2 roms and PSP UMD disc backups. Worth checking out.,

The second one is for the people who are not hardcore Sony fanboys and can tolorate a dose of Nintendo gaming – has a good review of the latest NDS rom emulators and links for downloading free DS games.

and an extra one I was looking at is Sony PSP isos com – as the name suggests a portable iso torrent site.

PSX Parasite Eve EBOOT

PSX PSP Homepage

PSX on PSP – PlayStation 1 games for PSP (+[__]+)
PSX for PSP – Contact Us at PSXpsp
PS1 on PSP – Support and HELP
Download PSX on PSP Torrents – Eboot PS1 for PSP (+[__]+)
Download – Digimon.World.2.English.Eboot.208MB.PSX.PSP.torrent
Download – Spyro2.English.Eboot.373MB.PSX.PSP.torrent
Download – Tomb.Rider3.English.Eboot.46MB.PSX.PSP.torrent
Download – DIABLO.English.PSX.PSP.torrent
Download – Medal.of.Honor.PSX.PSP.torrent
Download – Parasite.Eve.English.Eboot.539MB.PSX.PSP.torrent
Download – Tenchu.2.Stealth.Assassins.PSX.PSP.torrent
Download – VagrantStory.English.Eboot.116MB.PSX.PSP.torrent
Download – Marvel.Super.Heroes.PSX.PSP.torrent

PSXPSP Crash Destruction Durby Grand Turismo

Download – Destruction.Derby.PSX.PSP.torrent
Download – Castlevania.Sotn.English.PSX.PSP.torrent
Download – Crash.CTR.PSX.PSP.torrent
Download – Silent.Hill.Eng.Germ.Fr.Spa.Ita.PSX.PSP.torrent
Download – Dragonball.GT.Final.Bout.PSX.PSP.torrent
Download – Castlevania.Symphony.Of.The.Night.PSX.PSP.torrent
Download – Streetfighter.Collection.2.PSX.PSP.torrent
Download – Final.Fantasy.VIII.ENG.PSX.PSP.torrent
Download – Soul.Blade.PSX.PSP.torrent
Download – Mortal.Kombat.3.PSX.PSP.torrent
Download – Bishi.Bashi.Special.ENG.PSX.PSP.torrent
Download – Final.Fantasy.VII.ENG.PSX.PSP.torrent
Download – Chrono.Cross.USA.PSX.PSP.torrent
Download – Vigilante.8.English.Eboot.10MB.PSX.PSP.torrent
Download – Game.CrashBash.English.Eboot.50MB.PSX.PSP.torrent
Download – Oddworld.Abes.Oddyssee.PSX.PSP.torrent
Download – Thrill.Kill.PSX.PSP.torrent
Download – Digimon.World.3.PSX.PSP.torrent
Download – Gran.Turismo.2.PSX.PSP.torrent

PSXPSP Final Fantasy

Download – Dino.Crisis2.English.Eboot.161MB.PSX.PSP.torrent
Download – Hot.Shots.Golf.2.USA.PSX.PSP.torrent
Download – Digimon.World.English.Eboot172MB.PSX.PSP.torrent
Download – Tomb.Rider.English.Eboot.22MB.PSX.PSP.torrent
Download – Vagrant.Story.PSX.PSP.torrent
Download – Tekken.3.PSX.PSP.torrent
Download – Final.Fantasy.IX.ITA.PSX.PSP.torrent
Download – Extreme.Pinball.English.Eboot.162MB.PSX.PSP.torrent
Download – Einhander.English.Eboot.271MB.PSX.PSP.torrent
Download – Final.Fantasy.IX.PSX.PSP.torrent
Download – DOOM.PSX.PSP.torrent
Download – Quake.II.2.PSX.PSP.torrent
Download – MetalSlug.X.English.Eboot.73MB.PSX.PSP.torrent
Download – Grandia.PSX.PSP.torrent